Astonishing Reason for Failing a Car Driving Test

There are many myths about the reason a learner driver fails their test. Usually to blame is firstly the examiner and then comes the blame for another road user or even their driving instructor.

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First driving lesson explained

First driving lesson explained. It will be the most important lesson to have. Starting to drive – getting started on your first driving lessonBefore driving on busy roads and in traffic, there are a few basic skills that need to be mastered. Skills such as moving off and stopping. You must have full control of… Continue reading First driving lesson explained

Learning to drive

Learning to drive is a must for anyone who needs to be independent of public transport. People who live away from the main public transport route have to rely on friends or relatives to travel to a town. Work and school commitments need to be fulfilled. Learning to drive can be the first step towards… Continue reading Learning to drive


Traffic lights removed Traffic lights removed is a new report issued by The Institute Of Economic Affairs (IEAE). Quote; “80% of traffic lights should be removed, saving £16bn a year” The new report, claims that this would boost the economy and improve road safety. The think tank says the high proportion of traffic regulation is… Continue reading traffic-lights-removed-removing-traffic-lights-improves-road-safety

Learn to Drive Automatic or Manual Car – which is best

Learn to drive automatic or manual car – which is best? In the UK when you first take driving lessons, the majority of learner drivers are taught in a manual car (manual & automatic refer to the type of gear change mechanism). Because the majority of used cars for sale have a manual gearbox and… Continue reading Learn to Drive Automatic or Manual Car – which is best

Nervous Learner Drivers Can Pass First Time

Nervous learner drivers can pass first time & become more confident by following a few principles. Question: Why do so many nervous learner drivers fail their driving test because of ‘nerves’? Before you answer the question lets take a look at the following: If a learner driver can….. Understand the rules of the road more… Continue reading Nervous Learner Drivers Can Pass First Time