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Driving instructor

Perth’s most experienced driving instructor will help you pass your driving test with the minimum number of lessons without compromising safety. Over the last 44 years, I have observed students learning to drive who spend a lot of time dealing with their own nervous state. Learning to drive a car is similar to learning anything in life, except it can be slightly more dangerous.

By keeping a focused mental state and good sound advice, anyone can pass their driving test the first time. As the driving instructor at Scottish Driving School, I will be part of your personal team of two. I will provide the car, and the experience whilst you develop the focused effort. Together we will ensure you stay safe, keep your costs low and pass the first time. A straightforward formula, yet few people understand that it does not have to be difficult to learn how to drive a car when you have the right pupil/instructor match.

Why Use a Professional Driving Instructor

To become a professional driving instructor can take over a year before all 3 exams are passed. It’s not necessarily that the training will take that length of time, but it could with some people. This lengthy period is largely due to there not being enough examiners. In some parts of the country, there is normally a long waiting list for driving instructor tests.

DVSA Instructor
DVSA Instructor

Professional instructors would have to have passed a theory, and practical driving test plus an instructional test. The instructional test consists of the trainee instructor teaching an examiner, who is in role-play, to drive.

As you can imagine the standards are very high in all exams. Trainee driving instructors are allowed to practice their teaching skills on members of the public after passing just two of the exams. But this is a temporary licence and before the trainee becomes qualified they must pass the final exam.

There are many very good driving instructors teaching in the UK but not many can match the 44 years of experience that your Scottish Driving School instructor has acquired. So if you would like to be taught from a place of experience then go over to the contact form and let me know how I could help you gain your full driving licence.