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Driving Courses Perth

Driving lessons & driving courses available in Perth or Blairgowrie. You can book now with Malcolm, one of the most experienced driving instructors in the UK. With experience comes reliability, patience and a vast amount of knowledge. Which is shared with all learner drivers, from the very nervous beginner up to drivers who are approaching their driving test.
Driving lessons can be booked as one hour or two hour sessions. An intensive driving course can also be arranged from a one day course up to as many days as you need.
One or two hour assessment lessons can be arranged to see if you are ready for your practical test.

What you will learn

  • car icon Car control including efficient gear changing, when and how to use the mirrors.
  • car icon Correct method of steering the car using both hands effectively instead of crossing arms over. This section also simplifies the spacial awareness technique that baffles many new drivers.
  • car icon The timing of signals, for example decide when to signal and how long for. Questions such as "Do you signal to go straight ahead on a mini roundabout?" Will be answered.
  • car icon SATNAV training, independent driving, parallel parking, parking in a bay forwards and reversing into a bay need to be carried out with safety.
  • car icon Those are just a few of the many topics that are taught on your lessons.

Learn How To Pass a Driving Test

Apart from the many learning to drive subjects taught on your lessons you will have demonstrated to you the method that a DVSA examiner will conduct a driving test. You will be shown that if your driving is safely and competently carried out, everyone can pass their test first time. All you need is the correct approach to driver education and a self-belief that you can pass with confidence because you have received the best driver training possible.

Intensive Driving Course

Book your intensive driving course, 0ne day, two day or more

Driving Lessons

Book your driving lesson, for one hour or two hours

A message from Malcolm

Your Personal Driving Instructor

I will help you to pass your driving test by using my 44 years of experience in helping the nervous learner driver overcome their anxiety and eventually to become a safe confident driver.

Scottish Driving School established 1986

Established Driving School Learner driver L plate

I provide first-class driving Lessons & intensive driving courses for all stages of learning to drive.

Whether you are a beginner, just getting to know how things work or have never driven before. I will suggest the right type of course for you.

Experienced learner drivers who have failed a driving test and need a few refresher lessons will find my unique way of re-looking at their driving skills an invaluable aid to pass their next test.

All driving lessons and courses are provided by myself, an experienced professional DVSA Approved Driving Intstructor.

Scottish Driving School

Master Class

Welcome to the Masterclass series of learning to drive safely.

The most important driving lesson any new learner driver has is the first lesson.

Starting your driving lessons with the correct information and a supportive environment will accelerate the learning process.

There are a lot of myths associated with learning to drive and passing a test. The Master Class series of lessons has been created to dispel a few of the myths and show how easy driving becomes once you are aware of a few techniques.

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Open for Driving Lessons

Pandemic nearly over with! Now is the time to start preparing for your driving test by starting your lessons before driving schools get fully booked.


Two hour lessons recommended and one hour lessons are also available.

I get very busy. Don't be disappointed book EARLY

Prepare for new driving test

Driving Test Preparation

Test waiting times are high. Make sure you pass first time with the best learner driver training possible.

Master Class

  • car icon SAT NAV Training
  • car icon Bay Parking taught
  • car icon Broxden Roundabout Practice
  • car icon Mock Tests
  • car icon Gear changing practice
  • car icon Independent driving
Quiet road Perthshire

Learn to drive on a quiet location early lessons

First driving lesson starts on a quiet road.

Basic car control taught

practiced before moving on to junctions.

As your confidence grows you will progress towards more complex roads & traffic situations.

Book a lesson or driving course

Use either the contact form or email


Book your driving lesson or course by email. Write your name, email address and the type of lesson or course you require.
Let me know your approximate location i.e Perth, Blairgowie etc.


Book your driving lesson or course using the contact form. Write your name, email address and the type of lesson or course you require.
Let me know your approximate location i.e Perth, Blairgowie etc.