Intensive driving course

Intensive driving course

An intensive driving course of one week or less helps improve your quality of driving. Taking driving lessons close together boosts confidence. Driving lessons taken as an intensive driving course in Perth & the surrounding area would reduce the number of lessons needed to pass a practical test.

One lesson each week means that it would take over 12 months before reaching a good enough standard to pass a practical test. These intensive courses will get you towards passing your driving test sooner. They also cost less than taking weekly lessons. All courses are suitable for new drivers and learner drivers with some experience. You can book by the week, day or a couple of days.

You will improve your memory of the driving process on any of these courses. The key to learning good driving skills is repetitive practice over a period of time. You can book intensive driving courses for any length of time, whether it’s half-day, one-day, three-day, five-day onward. The UK’s most experienced Scottish Driving School Approved instructor [DVSA Approved] will provide you with the best driver tuition.

Intensive Driving Course one week or less
Low-Cost High Standard Courses

Low-Cost High Standard

The lowest costs and highest standards mean you can learn to drive in the shortest time without compromising safety. A learner driver who starts as a nervous student will soon build up their confidence by using the quietest roads in the Perth area. Each lesson is taken one step at a time away from busy roads.

The high standard of tuition is provided by one of the UK’s most experienced driving instructor.

20-hour intensive driving course

One of our most popular intensive driving courses is the 20-hour course taken over 5-days. The course would suit a learner driver with some previous experience with a driving test booked the week after.
A new learner driver could use the 20-hour course as a starter. This will give the beginner a good grounding in car control, road procedures and confidence building. Practising in the family car after completing a 20-hour course. It will help build experience and confidence – the two go hand in hand. This course consists of 4 hours each day with a short break around lunchtime.

Once completed, the 5 days would be the equivalent of 25 weeks of having weekly driving lessons. That’s 24 weeks closer to passing your driving test and saving both time and money.

intensive driving courses

Benefits of an intensive driving course

More lessons need to be taken every week when compared to intensive courses. Here are a few of the benefits of booking an intensive course.

  • Lesson re-cap time is only 2-3 minutes on a course, compared to 15-20 minutes on weekly lessons.
  • When a driving error occurs, a re-try can be carried out in most cases straight away because your instructor does not have to rush off to the next pupil. In weekly lessons, you may not have enough time to re-try correcting the error because your instructor has to go off to his next pupil. By the time your next lesson is due. You and your instructor may have forgotten about the previous week’s error.

How to pass a practical test

When the driving test is taken, you know that you have covered all of the requirements to become an excellent safe driver for life. The practical test is relatively straightforward for anyone who has completed the right amount of lessons under the supervision of a professional instructor.

One myth that you should disregard is that you have to raise your standards for your test. Not true! It would be best if you drove with your examiner. In the same way, as you would do on a good driving lesson. That way, you have nothing extra to think about since it is your usual style of driving. All practise sessions leading up to the test day should be a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the actual big day.

A driving course for all stages of the learner driver

Whether an absolute beginner or an experienced learner, courses are tailored for individual requirements. You might be a new learner driver who is unsure about the best way to book your lessons. Whether you need weekly lessons or intensive course. Why not book an assessment lesson of 1-hour to see how you get on. After which you will have a better idea of the type of lessons that might suit your requirements.
Here are a few options that you could consider. Still not sure? You can contact us for more personal advice here.