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When carrying out a Perth Intensive Driving School search on Google will reveal, at the top of the page at least four of the companies shown below. These companies are booking agencies that charge more for intensive driving courses. Sometimes as much as £26 per hour more + a test booking fee of possibly £48 on top of the test price of £62.

The live links to these companies are shown below so that you can compare their prices with local driving schools. The instructors they use are not associated with the company and are usually self-employed local instructors. These driving instructors can be found by digging deeper into a Google search.

The first four search results on Google are the paid adverts and the companies who appear need to charge more for lessons and courses in order to pay for the adverts.

Your local driving instructor or driving school will be found further down the search page or on page two of the search results.

There is nothing wrong with the way these companies run their business, but if you want to save money and find your own local instructor you will save over £450 on a 20-hour course of lessons & driving tests booked locally.

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National Intensive booking agency £56.55/lesson20hrs£1,192.99
PassMeFast booking agency £43.65/lesson20hrs£935.00
Fast Pass booking agency
My Driving Instructor booking agency
Price Comparison date 10th Jan 2022. The practical test included in all quotes

Note! All of the above prices are a price equivalent per one hour lesson when the driving test fee is taken into account.

Scottish Driving School Price Comparison

Scottish Driving School £30.00 per lesson20hrs£662 inc test fee
Scottish Driving School Price Comparison 10th Jan 2022- Practical test included

The sale price at Scottish Driving School whilst places last are now ONLY £600 for a twenty-hour course excluding the driving test fee.

No Driving Test AdminBooking Fee

Scottish Driving School one hour lesson fee after taking out the driving test fee is the equivalent of £30.00 per lesson and NO ADMIN CHARGE for booking a test.

You might need more lessons. That’s no problem, extra lessons are charged at a MASSIVELY discounted price.


Prices outside of the Perth driving test area will vary according to the requirements of each student. Some students will need to start their lessons or course outside of the Perth central area. Please let me know where you would need to start and finish your lessons, the days you are available and the type of training that would suit you best i.e weekly lessons or an intensive course.

Intensive Driving Course Deposit

All intensive driving courses require a deposit to be paid in order to confirm your booking.

You can pay your driving course deposit with this secure PayPal payment button.
Credit cards are accepted. Contact me for other methods of payment.

Driving lesson payment

You can make a driving lesson payment using the secure PayPal payment button.
Credit cards are accepted. Contact me for other methods of payment.